Is Health Insurance Necessary for Hypertension?

One of the most common diseases in India is hypertension. Over 320 lakh people in the country are affected by it. The primary cause of this condition is stress. In today’s fast-paced and demanding day and age, stress is very hard to manage. Work pressure, a sedentary lifestyle, and poor eating habits can worsen the condition. Increased blood pressure can result in further complications like kidney failure, heart failure, and other issues. A slightly high blood pressure can also cause a stroke. Thus, hypertension can prove to be fatal.

Hypertension and insurance

It is imperative to have an insurance policy in place in case your hypertension gets difficult to manage or control. You can invest in a health insurance plan to help tackle this. Taking out medical insurance can save you the cost of diagnostic tests, hospitalization expenses, doctor’s fees, medicines, and OPD bills. Moreover, at the current rate of inflation, it will only become more difficult for you to manage medical expenses in the future. Critical illness insurance can help safeguard you against this. If your finances are not in order, all these hypertension-related costs may cripple you. It can also ensure that you get the best and timely quality treatment and preventive care.

Review health insurance options

You must compare health insurance plans and purchase a policy that focuses on getting you the best medical care, as fretting about expenses may simply worsen your health. Without waiting for a calamity to strike, it is advised to invest in an insurance plan. If you are the primary earning member of your family, and you are suffering from this condition, you must buy the most suitable medical insurance plan to protect your family from unnecessary financial hardships.

Usually, if hypertension is a pre-existing condition, it has a waiting period of two to four years. Thus, it is prudent to purchase the health cover at the earliest to reap the benefits in a timely manner. Moreover, if you are young, then you can avail of lower premiums. The premiums charged are more likely to be low when hypertension is not very severe. To sum it up, the insurance cost for hypertension can be very practical and affordable.

Many insurance providers offer health insurance premium calculator to help determine the cost of the policy. All you need to do is visit an online portal, enter your name, age, date of birth, and gender, and the calculator will help generate the premium you may be liable to pay if you purchase a health insurance plan.

Living with hypertension can prove to be quite costly and can hamper your savings in the long run. Therefore, you must buy health insurance to remain protected from al financial contingencies at all times.

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