Will Hit & Run Accident Be Covered Under Motor Insurance?

Hit and run car accident is a situation in which the vehicle driver responsible for the accident runs away from the accident spot and after reasonable trials, neither he nor his vehicle is to be found.

Indian Motor Vehicles Act under Section 161 defines all the essential guidelines and proceedings to be undertaken in case of a hit and run car accident.


  1. Note down the details of the offender. It is a very crucial step that will help you with further proceedings. Instead of losing your calm and trying to follow the offender, try to gather his information. Note down the important details of the offender’s car number, car model, etc.
  2. Gather witnesses of the hit and run accident. Engage with them and record their details. They might also be able to recognize the offender.
  3. Call the police and file a First Information Report (FIR) as soon as possible, along with providing them with all the relevant information. It will determine the further proceedings of the case.
  4. Inform your car insurance


  1. Do not chase after the offender’s car. You have no guarantee that you can catch him/her. Moreover, you may end up losing all the crucial witnesses at the accident spot.
  2. Do not leave the scene before the police allow you to.
  3. Do not admit your fault or guilt in any way during the conversation and reporting. It could end up proving you guilty, and you might remain deprived of the compensation you deserve.
  4. Never miss hiring a lawyer for your case. These are legal and complicated matters that could not be handled without expert guidance.

Filing Your Hit And Run Car Insurance Claim

Once you are done with the basic proceedings,  the next best thing to do is to file your motor car insurance claim. Here is the procedure to do the same-

  • A proper application must be filed to the Claims Enquiry Officer of the particular region by the victim of the hit and run accident or the legal representative.
  • The legal representative can be chosen by the victim of the accident. He/she could be anyone from the victim’s family or any agent.
  • If the unfortunate occurance of death has occurred due to the accident, the appointed legal representative can carry forward the filing of compensation on behalf of the victim or his family.
  • Claim Settlement Commissioner of the respective area will coordinate with the respective District Commissioner at the district level and carry forward the claim process.

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